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November 2018 – De (non-)deal van May

Theresa May verenigt voor- en tegenstanders van Brexit met haar deal met de EU in november 2018

Book chapter: bodies in conflict

And now for something completely different. I contributed a chapter to the book Bodies of Evidence, edited by Gurtum Ertem and Sandra Noeth, associated with Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, published by Passagen Verlag. My contribution: Being There: Journalists and Dead Bodies in Conflict. A rollicking read.

Dutch collectors go for private museums – FT

It’s OK again to flaunt your wealth in the Netherlands as art collectors open a rash of new private museums. A piece for FT Wealth

Impact investing in Israel and Palestine – FT

Can impact investing in Israel and Palestine help bring peace? It’s an argument sometimes used by opponents of the BDS campaign against Israel. The jury is out on both approaches. A piece in the FT


Ferry Biedermann's CNBC - Investing in Israel

Israel’s economy – CNBC

This gig ran for ten weeks until the end of July this year and had me reporting in-depth on Israel’s economy and investment opportunities for CNBC. Of course it was advertising driven; Israel is diversifying its branding efforts somewhat and flooding the internet with non-conflict related, economy and preferably high-tech focused stories, is part of that. Even so, it was not advertorial – CNBC had editorial control and I reported to their digital team. It did give me an interesting insight, not only into Israel’s economy and high-tech sector but also into the world of advertising dollars, client-editorial balance and clicks

A tale of two hotels – FT

Beirut is charming, if you’re passing through. Reporting can sometimes be tricky because of the civil war-sized chips that people have on their shoulders. I though this piece was innocent enough but it seems nothing is in Lebanon. A tale of two hotels

Little impact yet of BDS against Israel – Jane’s

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions attempt against Israel is yet to have a measurable economic impact. That is no to say that it may not be having a psychological impact on Israelis and on the image of Israel abroad. A piece for Jane’s Intelligence Weekly.

Orange Fever

A piece I did on Dutch Jews and identity politics for Jewish Renaissance magazine in London. It’s not online so I put it here.Orange fever

Patrons of Palestine – FT

I happened to spend a couple of months in Ramallah in 2016, accompanying my wife, who was curating the Qattan Foundation’s Yaya young artists of the year award. It was a good opportunity to do a piece for the FT on the cultural landscape in Ramallah and the Palestinian territories, which Qattan more or less happens to dominate. It’s about philanthropy and also about encouraging culture under adverse circumstances.

The day satire died? After the Charlie Hebdo killings, satire will always be laced with sorrow

Because something has to be said: