Still Brexiting after all these years

Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving, right? For anyone who thought that the EU-UK trade deal was the end of it, think again. Brexit and its consequences are going to be with us for years, potentially until the UK rejoins the EU and then we can start all over again. That’s why, when BCU’s Centre for Brexit Studies asked me to continue to blog on it, even after the UK has finally left the building, I agreed. Enjoy!

Brexiting in Birmingham

For anyone wondering where I’ve been these last couple of months, I’m in Birmingham in the West-Midlands and using the opportunity to write about Brexit for Dutch newspaper Trouw and contributing a couple of posts to Birmingham City University’s Centre for Brexit Studies blog

Dutchies snackbar in Birmingham vreest de Brexit niet

Twee in Somalièˆ geboren Nederlanders met een snackbar in de Balti-driehoek van Birmingham? Geen probleem, Najib Sufi en Amal Sharif vrezen de Brexit niet.