Book chapter: bodies in conflict

And now for something completely different. I contributed a chapter to the book Bodies of Evidence, edited by Gurtum Ertem and Sandra Noeth, associated with Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, published by Passagen Verlag. My contribution: Being There: Journalists and Dead Bodies in Conflict. A rollicking read.

Impact investing in Israel and Palestine – FT

Can impact investing in Israel and Palestine help bring peace? It’s an argument sometimes used by opponents of the BDS campaign against Israel. The jury is out on both approaches. A piece in the FT  

Ferry Biedermann's CNBC - Investing in Israel

Israel’s economy – CNBC

This gig ran for ten weeks until the end of July this year and had me reporting in-depth on Israel’s economy and investment opportunities for CNBC. Of course it was advertising driven; Israel is diversifying its branding efforts somewhat and flooding the internet with non-conflict related, economy and preferably high-tech focused stories, is part ofContinue reading Israel’s economy – CNBC

A tale of two hotels – FT

Beirut is charming, if you’re passing through. Reporting can sometimes be tricky because of the civil war-sized chips that people have on their shoulders. I though this piece was innocent enough but it seems nothing is in Lebanon. A tale of two hotels

Little impact yet of BDS against Israel – Jane’s

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions attempt against Israel is yet to have a measurable economic impact. That is no to say that it may not be having a psychological impact on Israelis and on the image of Israel abroad. A piece for Jane’s Intelligence Weekly.

Orange Fever

A piece I did on Dutch Jews and identity politics for Jewish Renaissance magazine in London. It’s not online so I put it here.

Patrons of Palestine – FT

I happened to spend a couple of months in Ramallah in 2016, accompanying my wife, who was curating the Qattan Foundation’s Yaya young artists of the year award. It was a good opportunity to do a piece for the FT on the cultural landscape in Ramallah and the Palestinian territories, which Qattan more or lessContinue reading Patrons of Palestine – FT